About Us


Vulture Peak Mines is a small company of craftsmen & women who love silver and gold.

Our crew is made up of former gold and silver miners, some of whom are also Veterans. We all own silver and want more....like most silver collectors. All the silver bars at VPM are not mass produced. We create new silver bars to fill orders on a daily basis and pride ourselves in fast delivery. Naturally, we think our silver bars are the best. Not cutesy, just great, classic silver bars and rounds with lots of pour character.

At VPM we take pride in creating the most unique hand poured, hand stamped silver bars available in today's market. Each bar is guaranteed in weight and purity, and comes with our COA (Certificate of Authenticity) after it is inspected and polished. Every hand poured silver bar has its own unique character, which is what makes it so valuable and worthy of collecting. At Vulture Peak Mines you will get the BEST display of pour lines on any silver bars available.

Hand Poured Silver Bars

What are Hand Poured Silver Bars?

Simply put, it means that each silver bar is hand poured by someone.

Not a computerized machine, but an actual person.

Every silver bar will have the unique characteristics of the hand pour process which can be ripples that occur during the cooling, slight imperfections and/or variations unique to hand poured silver bars.

Often, impurities such as copper will come to the surface and, though these are minuscule, they are still present in all .999 fine silver. Hand poured silver bars can range from the almost perfect and beautiful silver bars, to the gnarly kind of kinky silver bars. Often, the hand pour with the most slight imperfections are the most sought after because they are so rare - as most silver bar foundries will re-pour this kind of silver bar.

Silver Bars

Why Buy Hand Poured Silver Bars?

People prefer hand poured silver bars because they are beautiful and unique. They know that the silver bar they receive will be hand poured by an individual craftsman. Like an original painting or a piece of handcrafted furniture, hand poured bars start out at a higher premium and have a tendency to gain more in value over the years vs. Most minted bars.

Hand poured silver bars are collector pieces and a true value through the years. Each silver bar is "one of a kind". This increases their value and puts them in a class of their own.

The beauty of hand poured silver bars is in their individual qualities, setting them apart from other minted silver bars. Handcrafted, made in the USA means you are buying a truly quality product.

Every silver collector should have some hand poured silver bars in their trove.