As we watch the world economy and see more and more supply shortages, more and more so called "Free" money being given out, less and less workers, small business after small business closing, we need to ask ourselves what happens if things fail and normality as we knew it is a thing of the past? We all need to prepare.

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If you're planning a trip to Alaska, you have a few choices to make especially if it's your first year. It's best to have a destination in mind. Many claim owners will let you do some "recreational" mining on their claims, but you will need their permission first. You can also start out in some of the free mining areas and from their you can check out other possibilities. Information on these areas including maps can be obtained from the BLM or DNR office in Fairbanks.


If you have ever dreamed of mining in the wilderness of Alaska, of what it would actually be like, how you would go about it and what it takes, I'd like to share with you some of my own personal experiences.

Alaska is vast and mining in it is quite different from mining in the lower 48.

Let's start with the basics...


Everyone is always asking what kind of silver should they invest in? There are so many choices, which one is best? The good part is that there IS a lot of choices! Something for all tastes and in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. From classic and traditional to new age and "out there", generic and premium, minted and hand poured... it's a smorgasbord of silver.


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