What Makes a Hand-Poured Silver Bar Unique

And Why Getting One Makes You Special

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Like gold, silver in physical form possesses inherent and real value, and it doesn’t hurt to diversify.

Silver can come in a variety of physical forms and in different sizes — you can find 10-oz silver bars and 1-oz silver bars for sale. But many investors choose to hold silver bars instead of selling them.

Silver bullions cost less than silver coins, so you get more silver for the same price. But among silver bars, handcrafted bars have the highest selling price, and below, the experts at Vulture Peak Mines will explain why.


Done By Hand

There are three basic methods for making silver bars — extrusion, pressed or struck, and pouring. Out of these methods, hand-poured bullions command a higher value since the craftsman is doing it entirely by hand. This demanding step in the process automatically increases the value of hand-poured silver bullion.


Distinct Markings and Unique Character

Unlike silver bars produced through an automated process, each hand-poured silver bar carries distinct marks, making each bullion look different.

The value of hand-poured silver lies in craftsmanship. Every silver bar is a work of art. Like old, original paintings, silver bars increase in value over time.

Hand-poured silver also comes with many interesting designs that you can’t find in the market for extruded and struck silver.

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Handcrafted Silver Is Worth More Over Time

Over time, hand-poured silver will be worth way more than minted silver. Most bars are worth twice as much when they're old as opposed to when they are new.

The dull finish and softer edges increase the aesthetic appeal of hand-poured bars to some buyers. But the appeal of handcrafted silver bars lies in how they become historic relics much like antiques.

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Hand-Poured Bars Are Rare

A lot of the poured bars on the market are casks markings or they're laser cut. Due to the rarity of hand-poured silver, it becomes much more desirable to other collectors and investors. Aside from designs, the size, and shape of hand-poured silver. You can find buttons, wedges, cubes, and squares made from pure silver.

When it comes to silver, you want to focus on quality, guaranteed purity, and weight. For silver bullions, find bars that suit your personal style and investment portfolio. With former miners and expert collectors behind the company, you can expect high-quality, hand-poured silver from Vulture Peak Mines.

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